Sugar Cookie Morphs into Pecan Cookie

What a handy thing to have a serviceable recipe for cookies quickly made. Friends of mine in Yarmouth, Carrie and Ben Yardley, developed variations on a basic, freezeable sugar cookie dough that gives them almond, vanilla, lemon poppy, orange and pecan cookies merely by the addition of extract, rinds, nuts and seeds. I test-drove the […]

Rice is Nice

Boiled rice in the fridge is a life-saver sometimes. It re-warms and quickly gets along so well with a lot of different foods. For a fast meal, you can load it up with leftover bits of meat or shellfish, cooked or uncooked vegetables, add beans, add onions, garlic, scallions, grated ginger, top it with cheese […]

Easy Ways to Add Herbs to Your Cooking

When I was about twelve years old, I fell in love with the idea of herbs and herb gardens. My parents indulged my interest and I grew excessive amounts of catnip and tansy, along with chives, salad burnet, parsley, thyme and a couple of the other usual suspects. I loved the idea of hanging bunches […]