Cooked oatmeal, a warm porridge with milk and a bit of sugar and raisins, maybe a dash of cinnamon, is such a good breakfast when the wind is howling outside and it is cold. Of course, I know people who eat porridge every morning of their lives as my dad did, spring, summer, fall, and […]

Melting Little Snowballs

The species of holiday cookie known as snowballs really do melt–in your mouth. At a holiday party this weekend I attended, I saw that the hostess had manufactured a gorgeous pile of them, and when I tried one, I thought—umm, pecans. Butter. Sugar. Oddly, though, I have never made this kind of cookie in all […]

A Fruitcake for People Who Hate Fruitcake

Fruitcake has ended up the butt of jokes and ridicule. Truthfully, some of it is deserved. Too much of the fruitcake found in stores is made with that awful dyed citrus peel and goodness know what else. Homemade fruitcakes with raisins, nuts, genuine citron, and preserved lemon and orange peels, then drenched in brandy and […]