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The Simplest Summer Berry Dessert Ever

Except, maybe, for berries in a bowl, sprinkled with sugar, with cream added to taste. I’ve always called this a fool, a dish that has been around for centuries with lots of variations, some involving a custard-like mixture added to cooked fruit. I’ve heard it called mousse, also, but it doesn’t need eggs. Essentially, one […]

Two for the Troops, Part Two: Date Nut Roll-ups

Here are cookies that went to Vietnam. Gina Doyle of Ripley sent along a recipe for a date nut-filled roll-up cookie originally named Railroad Cookie in response to Kendra Newcomb’s request for cookies to send to troops deployed in Kuwait. Gina wrote, “Many years ago my brother was stationed in Vietnam. We sent him care […]

Busy Morning Pudding

Busy Morning Pudding fresh from the oven. Now here is a charming, simple, and quick-to-make dessert for a sweet-toothed family. Helen Bartlett in Newburgh sent this one to me–oh, dear, was it three years ago already?—in 2011. I hardly ever throw away any letters or recipes that you all send me, and every once in […]

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding

If you have loved-ones , what sweeter, homey way to show them your affection than to make this comforting, old-fashioned chocolate pudding on Valentine’s or any other day. We are temped left and right to go the high end chocolate route, make an elegant mousse, or flour-less chocolate cake, or acquire jazzy chocolates with red […]

Spreading Squash

Happy New Year. May yours be full of peace, prosperity, and more winter squash. All the squash I grew this summer resides in the cool, dry, and dimmer corners of my house, which includes my bedroom, so when I wake up in the morning I see the array of Delicatas, Acorns, Butternuts, Buttercups, Kabuchas, and […]

Warm Potables.

When it gets really cold out, a fragrant warm mug of something delicious to drink, alcoholic or not, is really what you want to press into your company’s hands as soon as they take their coats off. I have often thought that the human impulse to gaze at a friendly, warming blaze comes from an […]