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If It’s Hollow, Stuff It

Lots of us stuffed a big hollow turkey a week ago, then roasted it. The juices soaked into the bread and joined up with onions, celery, herbs, maybe oysters or sausage (mine was venison chourizo made by my young hunter friend, Dan Tutor). The stuffing is a great flavorful treat in its own right. Stuffing […]

Cranberry and Apple Relish

If you don’t ever cook from scratch and your dinners routinely come from the prepared-food section of grocery store freezers, then I could understand why making Thanksgiving dinner for your family or a crowd might be a scary proposition. Each year, I note the angst and anxiety underlying the pre-Thanksgiving writings of big city newspapers, […]

Celebrate Celeriac

If you like celery, you’ll love celeriac. The homely, gnarly root can be mashed like potatoes, grated raw into salad, sliced into chips for dipping, chunked for roasting, julienned for stir-fry, all versions tasting powerfully like celery. Celeriac greens look like super-sized parsley and can be finely chopped for salad, adding to soup or mixing […]