Real Maine Baked Beans

Yellow eyes, Jacobs Cattle, Soldier, or Great Northern beans slowly baked with a chunk of salt pork; a little—not too much—molasses and sugar, dried mustard, an onion and enough liquid to keep them just barely covered is how Mainers make baked beans. It is a time honored combination, and we may find Mainers a tad […]

Cooked oatmeal, a warm porridge with milk and a bit of sugar and raisins, maybe a dash of cinnamon, is such a good breakfast when the wind is howling outside and it is cold. Of course, I know people who eat porridge every morning of their lives as my dad did, spring, summer, fall, and […]

Melting Little Snowballs

The species of holiday cookie known as snowballs really do melt–in your mouth. At a holiday party this weekend I attended, I saw that the hostess had manufactured a gorgeous pile of them, and when I tried one, I thought—umm, pecans. Butter. Sugar. Oddly, though, I have never made this kind of cookie in all […]