A Chili for Vegans and Carnivores

Back when this household was vegetarian, my poor mother-in-law struggled to figure out what to cook for us. “I don’t know what you fellas eat,” she’d say. It didn’t seem to help when we’d say, “Anything except meat.” In those days, the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, vegetables were strictly a side, and of course […]

Lemony and Light Ricotta Pie

When Jan Rhenow in Harrington wrote me to say that she had enjoyed an Italian Cheese Pie she’d been served but the recipe for which the maker wouldn’t share, the first question I had was, “Was it sweet or savory?” Turns out that it was sweet and, as I suspected, made with ricotta. So we […]

Sugar Cookie Morphs into Pecan Cookie

What a handy thing to have a serviceable recipe for cookies quickly made. Friends of mine in Yarmouth, Carrie and Ben Yardley, developed variations on a basic, freezeable sugar cookie dough that gives them almond, vanilla, lemon poppy, orange and pecan cookies merely by the addition of extract, rinds, nuts and seeds. I test-drove the […]

Rice is Nice

Boiled rice in the fridge is a life-saver sometimes. It re-warms and quickly gets along so well with a lot of different foods. For a fast meal, you can load it up with leftover bits of meat or shellfish, cooked or uncooked vegetables, add beans, add onions, garlic, scallions, grated ginger, top it with cheese […]