Gertrude’s Applesauce Cake

Anne Flagg of Northport offered this charming recipe. She calls it one of her “picnic” recipes. “My mother got it from her cousin Gertrude back in the 1940s,” Anne wrote, “and though they are both long gone, I like to remember the foods she served and the recipes for same.” This cake is definitely worth […]

Pork Chops and Apples from Brownie

Brownie Schrumpf’s “Brownie’s Kitchen” filled this space for close to forty years. This month marks my tenth, something I barely can believe. When I took this job on in April 2006, fellow-food writer Allene White gleefully taunted me about weekly deadlines, and I have to say, it is true—you cannot conceive how quickly a week […]

Buchteln, Sweet Buns, for Easter Brunch

Europe and Eastern Europe are home to a pretty delectable array of yeast-raised sweet cakes and buns. Ruth Thurston in Machias sent in this recipe for Buchteln, famous in Vienna, saying that her family enjoyed them and she thought I might, too. How we wouldn’t like them, I cannot fathom: tender dough with eggs, butter, […]

Irish Pound Cake

A proudly Irish Islesboro matriarch gave me this recipe. Eileen Shea Boardman sent this recipe along years ago, and as I do with practically all the recipes anyone sends me, I tucked it away for a time when I needed an idea or inspiration. I ended up making it to take as my contribution to […]