Crabapple Sorbet

What an apple year it is going to be! Trees are so loaded and I am happily anticipating cider-making and buckets of apples stored down cellar for eating and cooking all winter. Best of all, the crab apple tree in front of the house is producing tons of lovely little rosy-cheeked apples, many more than […]

Rabbit Pie(s)

Some of you may recoil in horror: those big ears, the quivering nose, the soft, cuddly fur sported by rabbits. How can a person eat a bunny? If you can bear the thought, read on. Rabbit meat is mostly lean, dark meat, and susceptible to a good many preparations, and especially to braising, and, dare […]

What to Do with Rosehips

Here is another foraged treat for you that I’m willing to bet some of you already find use for: rosehips from rosa rugosa, so plentiful along the shores in Maine. And this recipe avoids the unpleasantly itchy part of dealing with rosehips. Rosa Rugosa are the sprawling, thorny, gorgeous, fragrant, pink roses that grow mostly […]