Not-So-Plain-and-Simple Rhubarb Cakes

  Gingerbread with rhubarb was what Stephen Bergey, Belfast, remembered having for breakfast. He was pretty sure it was one of Brownie Schrumpf’s recipes. So we asked here a couple of weeks ago, and sadly no one seems to have Brownie’s recipe. In the process, though we collected a few other very good rhubarb cake […]

Plain and Simple Rhubarb Cake

The most popular conveyance for rhubarb seems to be cake. This week and next, we’ll treat ourselves to a couple of versions of rhubarb cake. This week’s is simple, gently flavored, nothing fancy on top, and it swallows up its rhubarb sweetly leaving only a small trace behind. Fresh out of the oven, the top […]

Gertrude’s Applesauce Cake

Anne Flagg of Northport offered this charming recipe. She calls it one of her “picnic” recipes. “My mother got it from her cousin Gertrude back in the 1940s,” Anne wrote, “and though they are both long gone, I like to remember the foods she served and the recipes for same.” This cake is definitely worth […]