Put Prunes in Your Stew

It is just a straight forward beef stew: browned beef, some onions and tomatoes, a bay leaf, salt and pepper, some broth or stock, red wine, a tiny bit of vinegar, and then you add a cup of prunes to simmer along with the meat. The recipe is an old one from Mark Bittman years […]

Julia Craig’s Christmas Pudding

A lucky daughter and grandsons in Phoenix, Arizona, will have their mom and grandmother’s steamed pudding on their table this Christmas. It is winging its way to them (accompanied by a couple pounds of yellow eye beans for a taste of Maine). Julia Craig, of Houlton, who will celebrate her 98th birthday next month, made […]

Sweet Potato Latkes for All

Chanukah began yesterday, Tuesday, evening, the annual Jewish commemoration of the rededication of the Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem when, by a miracle, one day’s oil supply lasted eight days. It is a time of thanksgiving, and some of the festive foods associated with the holiday include fare fried in oil, famously potato pancakes call […]

Steamed Pumpkin Pudding

Lots of us were without electricity this week which some of us need it to bake. Fortunately for me, Ruth Thurston in Machias had sent along a couple of good pumpkin recipes in response to my request and one was for a steamed pudding which when cooked, turned out, frosted and sliced looks for all […]