Easier Than Pie: Berry Cobbler

Cobbler is a great little dodge for dessert and, in my opinion, easier than pie. friends of mine knock out pie with enormous ease, for which I admire them, but I’ll be darned if I manage that very often. So here I confess sheer laziness. There is the cutting of butter and lard into the […]

Rhubarb Muffins

Maybe it was just bad luck, but a fair number of rhubarb cake or muffin recipes I’ve tried turned out to be a bit on the soggy side. Rhubarb is pretty juicy stuff, and I don’t like biting into a big, sour blob in cake or muffins, and, I guess, neither does Ruth Thurston in […]

Very Easy Flan

Custard desserts are so comforting and welcome, and as a self-avowed custard coward, which involves anything that has to be baked in a bath of hot water, I tend to hesitate making them, even though I have pretty good luck with them when I finally screw my courage to the old sticking point. Then add […]